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VR Singh


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Prof. V.R.Singh, Ph.D. (ElectricalEngg), IIT-Delhi and Life Fellow- IEEE and LF-IETE, LF-IE-I, LF-ASI/USI and LF-IFUMB/WFUMB, has over 37years of research-cum-teaching experience in India and abroad (Univ of Toronto-Canada, KU Leuven- Belgium, KoreaUniv, South Korea, TU-Delft, Netherlands, Univ of Surrey, UK, and others).

He has been at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, as a Director-grade-Scientist/ Head of Instrumentation, Sensors & Biomedical Measurements, and Standards, as well as lately Distinguished Professor.

He has over 350 papers, 250 talks, 260 conf papers, 4 books, 14 patents and 30 consultancies to his credit. Under his guidance, 35 Ph.D. scholars have earned a Ph.D. degree while others are working with him.

He is the Mentor/Advisor of PDM University.

Dr. Singh has been the Associate Editor of IEEE IntSensor Journal (2010-2016), and Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and  Measurements and Regional Editor of Int Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IJBET).

Apart from this, he is on Editorial/ReviwerBoards of other journals. like Sensors & Actuators (Switzerland), IEEE Trans on Engg in Med and Biology, J Computers in ElectricalEngg (USA), J. InstnElectr Telecom Engrs, J. InstnEngrs-India, Ind J Pure & ApplPhysics, J. ofInstrm Soc Ind, J. Pure & ApplUltrasonics, J. Life Science Engg, etc.

He has served as Guest Editor of Special Issues of JASI on Physical Acoustics and Ultrasonics (2016-17) and MedicalAcoustics (2017-18) as well as IETE TechnicalReviewjournal on transducers(2002).

He is the Chair of IEEE-EMBS/IMS-Delhi Chapter, President of Acoustical Society of India and Vice President of Ultrasonic Society of India and has been the vice-president of Instrumentation Soc of India, Vice-President of IFSUMB, Secretary of IEEE India Council and the Chairman of IEEE-Delhi Section.

Dr. Singh is a Member of the IEEE Standards Association.

He was also Council Member of WFUMB (Australia) UltrasoundSafety and Standards.

He has served as the Chair or a Member of BIS Committee on Electro-MedicalCommittee in the past and present, he is the Chairman of the BIS-MHD-15 Committee.

He has been the session chair,plenary/keynote/ invited a speaker and on advisory boards of world congresses and national/international conferences, the world over.

He has been the Conf Organiser of WESPAC-2018, Nov 10 to 15, New Delhi.



V.R.SINGH, Life Fellow-IEEE, Associate Editor, IEEE-TIM


His main areas of interest are biomedical instrumentation, biomedical standards, computer modeling and simulation, sensors and transducers, biomedical ultrasonics/medical acoustics, POCT devices, neuro-sensors/implants, nano-cancer-technology, cancer hyperthermia, tissue characterization, lithotripsy, WSN, and u-health care engineering.



He is the recipient of awards by INSA (IndNatnlSciAcademy)1974, NPL 1973,  Thapar Trust 1983,  ICMR (Ind Council of Med Res) 1984; Japan Soc. 

Ultra in Medicine 1985, Asian Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine&Biology 1987, IE-I(Institution of Engineers- India) 1988/ 1991, IEEE-EMBS 1999 and IEEE-2010/2011/2014, Sir CV Raman Award by Acoustical Society of India / 2018, for his outstanding contributions.

Presently, he is IEEE-EMBS-DL (DistinguishedLecturer), IEEE-NanoTechnology Council-DL and INSA-DL.

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