Vladimir Datsko is a Professor,Institute of Applied Geophysics,Russia

Vladimir Datsko


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Vladimir Datsko belongs to the school of the Nobel Prize winner academician P.L. Kapitza ( a student of Ernest Rutherford).

At the age of 23, after graduating from the Moscow physical-technical Institute, Datsko V. launched a study of surface electromagnetic waves (SEW).

In 1970 slow surface waves magneto plazmennaye-a new class of surface excitations of solid-state plasma in magnetized semiconductors were opened; to optical frequencies, they were dubbed plasmon and magnetoplasmon. 

He observed SEW experimentally on salt water (1980), thereby confirmed experimentally the verification and validation of the theoretical model of Sommerfeld-Zenneck.

Datsko V.N. watched SEW in metals (2012), and on the human body (2013).  

His dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Hab is "New types of surface electromagnetic waves in conducting media" (2000).

He is the author of three discoveries, 9 patents, more than 100 papers.



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