Ting An is a Chief Expert at GEIRI,Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co. Ltd, State Grid Corporation of China,China

Ting An

Chief Expert at GEIRI

Organizing Committee


Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co. Ltd, State Grid Corporation of China


Dr. Ting An is a State Specially Recruited Expert and a Chief Expert at Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI).

She is a Charted Engineer in the UK, a Fellow of the IET, Convener of CIGRE SC B4.72 Working Group.

She is also a distinguished expert of China Energy Research Association, a guest professor of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi University of Technology respectively.

Dr. An had worked for China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) China for 5 years, Power Electronic Systems Limited of GE Grid Solutions (former ALSTHOM) T&D UK for 8 years, E.ON New Build & Technology in the UK for 14  years. 

She has worked for GEIRI as a Chief Expert on HVDC since October 2013.

She has gained experience in the planning, modeling, simulation, and analysis of transmission and distribution systems including HVAC, HVDC, FACTS, SVC, renewable energy Resources, and smart grids.

She has been selected and invited as a special reporter to participate in the preparations for the 48th CIGRE Session to be held in Paris, 2020.

She was invited to give a keynote speech at the 15th International ACDC Power Transmission Conference held in the United Kingdom in February 2019, for the HVDC circuit breaker seminar at the 47th CIGRE International Conference held in Paris in August 2018.  

She was also a Guest Editor-in-chief of the English-language Journal JPES, Special Issue on "HVDC u- transmission Technology", a member of the technical committee of the Second International Conference on high voltage direct current (HVDC2016) and a chair of the workshop and keynote speaker.


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1978 - 1982: Xi’an Jiao tong University, China, with B.Eng degree in electrical engineering

1982 - 1985: Graduate School of China institute of electric power Research Institute, China, with M.Sc degree in high voltage engineering

1995 - 2000: University of Manchester, the UK with a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering



Her research area Is HVDC, HVDC grids, and off-shore HVDC

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