MR Nayak is a Principal Scientist ,Mysore University,India

MR Nayak

Principal Scientist

Organizing Committee


Mysore University


Dr. MR Nayak M.S., Ph.D., Personal statement to serve the society and industry to enhance the practical experience by imparting the knowledge gained and training acquired through Educational, Scientific, Technical and Managerial learning; and bridge the gap between Academics, Industry and R&D Labs.


Ph.D. 1998 [Sat-Com Applications]

M.S. Electronics KREC, Suratkal (National Science Talent Scholarship, NCERT, New Delhi, India)



Aerospace Electronics & Systems – design, development and systems integration

Avionics systems including glass cockpit design for civil aircrafts

Aero-acoustics and Micro Air Vehicles

Design, development, and installation of Tsunami Warning Systems, and Ocean Data Buoys [both Moored and Drifting Buoys]

Environmental Instrumentation & Data Communication through satellites

Familiarity with ARINC-standards

Management Decision support systems

Human Resource advisory services

IPR-issues: follow up for business development, and

R&D commercialization, technology transfer & marketing strategies


National Science Talent Search Scholarship (1965 to 1971) awarded by the National Council of Educational Research & Training, NCERT, Govt. of India.



HCL Aerospace Systems, Hi-Tec (USA), HAL Academy, IEEE Standards Group.


International Journal of Micro-Air Vehicles,(Ohio, USA)

International J. of Aero-acoustics ( Chicago, USA)

Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology (STM)

Global Atmosphere & Ocean Systems (UK)

Journal of Coastal Research (Florida, USA)

Science Education Review (SER), Australia.

Board Member: “Encyclopaedia of Aerospace Engineering”, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, UK. 2011.

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