Moustafa Eissa is a Professor ,Sultan Qaboos University,Oman

Moustafa Eissa


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Sultan Qaboos University


M M. Eissa is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Helwan, Helwan University, Egypt. (On leave Sultan Qaboos University, College of Engineering, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Oman).

He is a senior member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society and recipient of Helwan University. He has previously held the position of IEEEVice Chair.

He has been an IEEE HSB Counselor; a Fellow at CalgaryUniversity, Canada, 2000; a senior visiting professor at the University of Tennessee, United States, 2014; Professor fellowship-JSPS FY2017, Japan-Kyoto University; Granted Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual Fellowships European- Institutional LinksGrants, Queen University-Ireland, Granted Newton-Mosharafa Fund, 2018, Queen University-Ireland and STDF-Egypt.

Professor Eissa has received eight awards including the “StateAward of Excellence in the field of Engineering Sciences” from theAcademy of Scientific Research and Technology (Egypt), 2016/2017; the “University Award of Excellence in the field of Engineering Sciences” in 2016/2017; the IEEE PES “Chapter OutstandingEngineer Award” for outstanding contribution in electric power engineering education, research, and industry, 2017; “Stateencouragement award” for the advanced technology of science,2002; “Distinguished Researcher Award” in October, 2005; “IncentiveResearcher Award” in 2011; “Incentive Researcher Award” in2012, awarded as part of the “Program for Continuous Improvement and Qualifying for Accreditation” by the Ministry of HigherEducation, Egypt; the “ETRERA 2020 Prize” in the category of smart grids, in 2014 (European award).

He has performed research and consultation and has authored many articles in the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery and the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids as well in other IET, Elsevier, andETEP journals.

He has many large-scale grants in the fields of a smart meter–based GIS, microgrids and hybrid RES, hybrid energy efficiency and optimization, WAM-based HVDC control/protection; energy policy-making; and DSM- and EMS-based smart grids.

He is currently working on innovative technology including i-management, e-energy, i-protection, etc.

Dr. Eissa has been invited and participated in world-known conferences and delivered plenary talks on a number of scientific events and through invitations to international universities.

Dr. Eissa conducted many utility and industrial projects such as  “interfacing the dynamic simulator with an existing training simulator at Local Control Center of North Hungarian Power Utility (EMASZ), providing “Summer Reduction Bidding Program”- Saudi Electricity Company for peak load reduction during peak period-KSA, “establishing SCADA System Project using PROFIBUS Technology, PLC and PQ  meters to study the Power Quality and Energy Saving using EMS –held in Talibia-Western Company-Egypt”, studying the electricity capacity for changing the cement mill from open-loop system to closed-loop system-held at National Cement Company”,  Applying the condition monitoring system on the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment at Cement Company-Toura-Helwan-Cairo”, Wide-area monitoring system for Egyptian electricity company-Egypt.

Prof. Eissa awarded more than 8 prizes from different places and authored about 6 books and 4 chapters.

Prof. Eissa authored more than 150 papers in international repeatable journals and conferences, he authored more than 8 intentional books and chapters.


Prof at Faculty of Engineering at  Helwan University-Egypt


Digital Protection, i-Energy, Smart Grid, Wide Area Monitoring and Application, Grid Modeling and assessment, Smart Grid based on GIS, Smart Meters (AMI), Microgrid, Energy Management System, i-Protection, Demand Response, etc.


2016/2017, State Award of Excellence, a prize in the field of Engineering Sciences from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (Egypt).

2016/2017, University Award of Excellence in the field of Engineering Sciences from Helwan University at Helwan (Egypt).

2017, IEEE PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award for outstanding contribution in the electric power engineering education, research, and industry by IEEE PES Egypt Chapter”, PES 2017.

ETRERA_2020_Prize in the category of Smart Grid.

2012 Incentive Researcher Award Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.

2011 University Encouragement Prize for scientific research, Helwan University–Egypt.

2005_University_Excellence_Prize Best Research_ Award, Egypt.

2002_State_Encouragement_Prize in the advanced technology science, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology


Chief Editor of the International Journal of Energy Society (ISSN 2356-9530), Editorial (Thematic Issue: “Renewable Resources and Challenges for Smart Grid”), Journal: Recent Advances in Communications and Networking Technology, Volume: 4, Issue: 2, Year: August 2015, Page: 68. Guest-Editor for the Bentham science.

Guest-Editor for “Special Thematic Issue” in the Current Alternative Energy Journal (CAE).

Editorial board in Region - Energies international Open Access journal.

Authors: MoustafaEissa, Guest Editor of Energies-Open Access Journal of Energy Research, Engineering, and Policy.

Editorial board member of Journal of Region-Energies by Frontier Scientific Publishing Pte.Ltd, Editorial board member of Journal Electrical Science & Engineering, Bilingual Publishing CO (Singapore).

Editorial board member of the Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (JEEE) Editorial board member of the International Journal of Electric power science development.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (  

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