Moharram Challenger is a Postdoc researcher,University of Antwerp,Belgium

Moharram Challenger

Postdoc researcher

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University of Antwerp


Moharram Challenger received his B.Sc., and M.Sc. degrees in computer engineering and software engineering from  IAU-Shabestar and  IAU-Arak Universities in 2001 and 2005 respectively.

He was ranked as the 1st best and the 2nd best-graduated students in his B.Sc. and M.Sc.

He also received his Ph.D. in Information Technologies from International Computer Institute, Ege University, in Feb 2016. After PhD., he has worked as an external Postdoc researcher in the IT group, Wageningen University of Research (WUR) for 1 year.

During his professional life, from 2006 to 2010, he has been a tenure-track faculty member, as a lecturer, at computer engineering department, IAU-Shabestar University.

Between Sep 2012-Dec 2016, he has been R&D director of UNIT IT Ltd. company in which they were leading an international ITEA project, called ModelWriter, among Belgium, Turkey, and France for three years.

Also, Moharram was the leader of work package 6 (Dissemination, Exploitation, and Standardization) of ASSUME project in which 39 partners (including Airbus, Bosch, Scania, Daimler, KHT Univ., KIT Univ. and so on from five countries, Germany (as  the  leader), Sweden, Turkey, France and the  Netherlands were involved.

During 2017 and 2018, Moharram was a member of faculty as Assistant Professor at International Computer Institute, EGE University.

He is currently a senior postdoc researcher at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition, Moharram has experience of executing three university projects in Iran, 1 university research project in Ege University, Turkey, membership of one Turkish national project for 18 months, team-leading of a bilateral project between Slovenia and Turkey for three years, and currently leading the team for a bilateral project between Portuguese and Turkey.

Moharram has more than 50 publications in well-known journals (such as SQJ, CSI, EAAI, SP&E, IJCIS, ComSIS, MPE, CONLAN, AppScince and IET-Soft) and conferences (such as ECOOP, SPLASH-AGERE, CAiSE, CompSAC, SAC, AAMAS-EMAS, QRS- MVV, ARCS-VERFE, STAF, MODELS, ICSE and FedCSIS).

His research interests include MDE, MDSE, multi-agent and IoT systems, Embedded Software, CPSs, and Digital Twins.


Kardas G, Challenger M, Yildirim S and Yamuc A. “Design and Implementation of a Multiagent Stock Trading System”, Software: Practice and Experience (SPE)

Demirkol S, Challenger M, Getir S, Kosar T, Kardas G and Mernik M. “A DSL for the Development of Software Agents working within a Semantic Web Environment”, Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS).

Challenger M, Haytaoglu E, Tokatli G, Dagdeviren O and Erciyes K. “A Hybrid Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Cluster-Based Systems,” Mathematical Problems in Engineering (MPE)

Challenger M, Demirkol S, Getir S, Mernik M, Kardas G, Kosar T. “On the use of a Domain-Specific Modeling Language in the Development of Multiagent Systems”, (EAAI)

Getir S, Challenger M, Kardas G. “The  Formal Semantics of a Domain-specific Modeling Language for Semantic Web-enabled Multi-agent Systems”, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS)

Azadi Marand E, Azadi Marand E, Challenger M. “DSML4CP: A Domain-specific Modeling Language for Concurrent Programming”, Computer Languages, Systems & Structures (COMLAN)

Challenger M, Mernik M, Kardas G, Kosar T. “Declarative specifications for the Development of Multi-agent Systems”, Computer Standards & Interfaces (CSI)

Challenger M, Kardas G, Tekinerdogan B. “A Systematic Approach to Evaluating Domain-specific Modeling Language Environments for Multi-agent Systems”, Software Quality Journal (SQJ)

Kardas G, Bircan E, Challenger M. “Supporting the platform extensibility for the model-driven development of agent  systems by the interoperability between  domain-specific modeling languages of multi-agent systems”, Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS)

Kardas G, Tezel B T, Challenger M. “A Domain-specific Modeling Language for Belief-Desire-Intention Software   Agents”, IET Software

Challenger M, Tezel BT, Alaca OF, Tekinerdogan B, Kardas G. “Development of Semantic Web-Enabled BDI Multi-Agent Systems using SEA_ML: An Electronic Bartering Case Study”, Special Issue on Multi-agent Systems, Applied Science


Postdoctoral Researcher (Jan 2019 – Now):

Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Antwerp, Senior researcher in PACo Project

Member of AnSyMo Group and CoSys Lab

External Postdoctoral Researcher (Mar 2016 – Feb 2017):

External Post-doc researcher at Information Technology Group, Wageningen

University and Research Center, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Ph.D. (2009.09.09 – 2016.02.24):

Field of Study: Information Technology (IT) Orientation: Software Engineering

Thesis: A Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Semantic Web-enabled Multi-Agent Systems

GPA:  95/100

University: EGE Univ., Izmir, Turkey

Scholarship grant: Bilateral project by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under grant number 109E125 and Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) under grant number BI-TR/10-12-004.

M.Sc. (2002.09.20 – 2005.09.29):

Field of Study: Computer Engineering (Software) Orientation: Distributed Systems

Thesis: A New Robust Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

GPA: 86.25/100 (17.25/20)

University: IAU University - Arak, Iran. Scholarship grant: IAU University - Shabestar, Iran

B.Sc. (1997.09.20 – 2001.04.09):

Field of study: Computer Engineering

Orientation: Software Engineering

Final Project: A new software-based robot design and implementation using C++ GPA: 83.8/100 (16.76/20)

University: Azad University of Shabestar, East Azerbaijan, Iran


(Intelligent) Distributed Systems and Algorithms

Multi-Agent Systems

Semantic Web (Services), Ontologies

Model-Driven Software Development

Domain-Specific (Modeling) Languages

Formal Semantics of DSMLs and DSLs

Empirical DSML Evaluation

IoT and CPS Software (MDE for IoT)


The First BEST student among Bsc students according to GPAs in 2000

The Second-BEST student among Msc students according to GPA in 2003

Received the Scholarship at Msc for 4 semesters

ACM Programmer's contest participation in 1999, Tehran site

ACM Programmer's contest Coach in 2006, Tehran site

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