Mohamed El-Amine Slimani is a Assistant Professor,University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB),Algeria

Mohamed El-Amine Slimani

Assistant Professor

Organizing Committee


University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB)


Dr. Mohamed El Amine Slimani has achieved his Ph.D. degree in July 2017 at the University of Science and Technology "USTHB" on combined solar PV/Thermal systems.

Currently, he works as an assistant professor at the Department of Energetic and Fluid Mechanics, USTHB; and associate researcher at the UDES unite of the renewable energy development center "CDER".

Likewise, He is an active Editorial Board Member/Reviewer contributed in several energy-themed journals; Awarded several times as an outstanding reviewer.

Has contributed and published several articles in the research fields of Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering; for themes of renewable energy sources; energy conversion and conservation; thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics; and heat & mass transfer phenomena.


B. Boumaaraf, H. Boumaarab, M.E.A. Slimani, S. Tchoketch_Kebira, M.S. Ait-cheikha, K. Touafek. Performance evaluation of a locally modified PV module to a PV/T solar collector under climatic conditions of the semi-arid region. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2020).

B. Boumaaraf, K. Touafek, M. S. Ait-cheikh, M.E.-A. Slimani. Comparison of electrical and thermal performance evaluation of a classical PV generator and a water glazed hybrid photovoltaic thermal collector. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2020).

I. Nadji Maachi, A. Mokhtari, M.E.-A. Slimani. The natural lighting for energy-saving and visual comfort in collective housing: A case study in the Algerian building context. Journal of Building Engineering (2019)

M. A MEDEBBER, A. AISSA, M.E.-A. SLIMANI, N. Retiel. Numerical Study of Natural Convection in Vertical Cylindrical Annular Enclosure Filled with Cu-Water Nanofluid under Magnetic Fields. Defect and Diffusion Forum (2019).

R. Sellami, M. Amirat, A. Mahrane, M.E.-A. Slimani, A. Arbane, R. Chekrouni. Experimental and numerical study of a PV/Thermal collector equipped with a PV-assisted air circulation system: Configuration suitable for building integration. Energy and Buildings (2019).

A. Hmida, N. Checker, A. Loafer, M.E.-A. Slimani, A. Ben Brahim. Modeling of cold room driven by an absorption refrigerator in the south of Tunisia: A detailed energy and thermodynamic analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production (2019).

W. Braham Chaouch, A. Khellaf, A. Mediani, M.E.-A. Slimani, A. Loumani, A.Hamida. Experimental investigation of an active direct and indirect solar dryer with sensible heat storage for camel meat drying in the Saharan environment. Solar Energy (2018).

M.E.-A. Slimani, M. Amirat, I. Kurucz, S. Bahria, A. Hamidat, W. Braham Chaouch. A detailed thermal-electrical model of three photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) hybrid air collectors and photovoltaic (PV) module: Comparative study under Algiers climatic conditions. Energy Conversion and Management (2017).

M.E.-A. Slimani, M. Amirat, S. Bahria, I.Kurucz, M. Aouli, R. Sellami. Study and modeling of the energy performance of a hybrid photovoltaic/thermal solar collector: Configuration suitable for an indirect solar dryer. Energy Conversion and Management (2016).

S. Bahria, M. Amirat, A. Hamidat, M. El Ganaoui, M.E.-A. Slimani. Parametric study of solar heating and cooling systems in different climates of Algeria – A comparison between conventional and high-energy-performance buildings. Energy (2016).

M.E.-A. Slimani, M. Amirat, S. Bahria. Study and modeling of heat transfer and energy performance in a PV /T hybrid collector with double passage of air. International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment (2015).

M.E.-A. Slimani, M. Amirat, S. Bahria. Analysis of the thermal and electrical performance of a solar PV/T air collector: Energetic study for two configurations. 

M.E.-A. Slimani, M. Amirat, S. Bahria. ÉTUDE ET MODELISATION THERMOELECTRIQUE D’UN CAPTEUR HYBRID PV/T A AIR. Sciences & Technologie B – N°44, (2016).

A. IDDA, M.E.-A. Slimani, S. BENTOUBA, Y. HAMMAOUI. Différentes Configurations du Système PV pour l’Alimentation Sans Interruption (ASI): Application au Relais GSM. Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology.

A. Salmi, M. Elajrami, M.E.-A. Slimani. Crack growth study under thermo-mechanical loads: parametric analysis for 2024 T3 aluminum alloy. Frattura e Integrity Strutturale.

S. Chikhi, M.E.-A. Slimani. Hydrodynamic Effect on the Iso-octane Steam-Reforming in a Monolithic Reactor Channel. Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research.

D. Alihellal, L. Chibane, M.E.-A. Slimani. Modeling and Simulation of the Deactivation by Sintering of the Cobalt Catalyst during the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research

C. Mebarki, E. Djakab, S.M.K. El Hassar, M.E.-A. Slimani. Impact of glazing type and orientation on the optimum dimension of windows for the office room in a hot climate. Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research.


Bachelor's degree in Energy Physics: Faculty of Science and Technology, Ahmed Draya University, First class, Valedictorian.

Master's degree in Energetic and Fluid Mechanics: Faculty of Physics, University of Science and Technology (USTHB), First class, Valedictorian.

Ph.D. degree in Energetic and Fluid Mechanics (2017): Faculty of Physics, University of Science and Technology (USTHB)


Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic system

Hybrid Energy System

Smart Energy System


Awarded several times From Elsevier as an outstanding reviewer;

Awarded in 5 Top technical reviewers in the Journal of "Energy Conversion and Management" for the year of 2018.

Awarded Valedictorian for the First class in both Bachelor and Master's degrees from the African University "Ahmed Draya" and the Algiers University of Science and Technology.


Associate Researcher at renewable energy development center (CDER); ISES: International Solar Energy Society (Membership for the period 2018-2019); SDEWES Centre: International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (Membership for the period 2015-present); ASTFE: American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (Association from 2015-present)


Editorial Board Member/Reviewer contributed in several energy-themed journals:

Applied Energy (Elsevier), ISSN: 0306-2619

Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier), ISSN: 0196-8904

Solar Energy (Elsevier), ISSN: 0038-092X

Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier), ISSN: 1359-4311

Energy and Buildings (Elsevier), ISSN: 0378-7788

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (Elsevier), ISSN: 2214-157X

International Energy Journal (RERIC), ISSN: 1513-718X

Computational Thermal Sciences (Begell House), ISSN:1940-2503

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (Bilingual Publishing Co.), ISSN: 2630-4945

Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research (Bilingual Publishing Co.), ISSN: 2630-4953

Journal of Atmospheric Science Research (Bilingual Publishing Co.), ISSN: 2630-5119

Energy and sustainable development (Bio-Byword Scientific Publishing Pty. Ltd.)

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