Davis George Moye is a Founder and Project Engineer,Moye Consultants,Florida

Davis George Moye

Founder and Project Engineer

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Moye Consultants


Davis George Moye is the founder and lead engineer at Moye Consultants, where he develops energy storage and electrochemical technologies for commercialization. 

These technologies include a power smoothing mechanism to improve the life and performance of home energy storage batteries, water purification technologies, and energy storage design modeling software.

Dr. Moye has developed energy storage devices for a variety of applications, including but not limited to satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, small power grids, and portable radios.

Dr. Moye’s power smoothing mechanism was identified as a finalist by the BIRD Foundation in 2018, and his modeling software was recognized by the NASA iTech program as one of the most innovative technologies of 2019. 

Previously, Dr. Moye worked at a supercapacitor startup General Capacitor, where he developed novel energy storage technologies until he was promoted to General Manager. 

Prior to General Capacitor, Dr. Moye served on the environmental and energy staff of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. Prior to that, he served on active duty in the United States Navy. 

This included a tour at the Naval Oceanography Anti-submarine Warfare Center, where he modeled sonar and radar performance in order to optimize their performance, and as electrical officer overseeing the maintenance and operation of the power grid aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS O’Kane

Dr. Moye is a licensed attorney in Florida, a project management professional, and a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy Reserve.


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Florida A&M - Florida State University College of Engineering 

Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, December 2019

Master of ScienceElectrical Engineering, August 2015

Florida State University College of Law

Juris Doctor, June 2015

Naval Postgraduate School

CertificateAnti-Submarine Warfare, September 2011

United States Naval Academy

Bachelor of Science, Honors Oceanography, Minor, French, June 2007

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