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Beibei Li

Associate professor

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Sichuan University


Beibei Li is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Cybersecurity, Sichuan University, P.R. China. He received his B.E. degree (awarded Outstanding Graduate) in communication engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P.R. China, in 2014, and his Ph.D. degree (awarded Full Research Scholarship) from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2019. He was invited as a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Canada, from March to August 2018 and also the research group of NEtworked Sensing and Control (NESC), College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, P.R. China, from February to April 2019.


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Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications (BUPT), Beijing, China, B.Eng. in Communication Engineering


His research interests span several areas in the security and privacy issues on cyber-physical systems (e.g., smart grids, industrial control systems, intelligent transportation systems, etc.), with a focus on intrusion detection techniques, artificial intelligence, and applied cryptography. He is serving or has served as a Publication Co-Chair and a TPC member for several international conferences, including IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE ICNC, PST, WCSP, and ML4CS, etc. His research studies have been published in IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics, ACM Trans. on Cyber-Physical Systems, IEEE Internet of Things J., IFACAutomatica, Information Sciences, IEEE ICC, and IEEE GLOBECOM, etc.

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