Ali T Hammid is a Senior Lecturer ,Al Yarmouk University College,Iraq

Ali T Hammid

Senior Lecturer

Organizing Committee


Al Yarmouk University College


A.T.  Hammid,  M.H.B.  Sulaiman,  and  O.I.  Awad,  A  robust firefly algorithm with backpropagation neural networks for solving hydro generation prediction. Electrical Engineering, 2018.

OI Awad, OM Ali, A.T. Hammid, R Mamat, Impact of fusel oil moisture reduction on the fuel properties and combustion characteristics of SI engine fueled with gasoline-fusel oil blends. Renewable Energy.

OI  Awad,  R  Mamat,  TK  Ibrahim,  A.T.  Hammid,  Overview of the oxygenated fuels in spark ignition engine: Environmental and performance. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

AN Abdalla, OI Awad, H Tao, TK Ibrahim, R Mamat, A.T. Hammid, Performance and emissions of gasoline blended with fusel oil that a potential using as an octane enhancer. Energy Source Part A.

A.T. Hammid, M.H.B. Sulaiman, and A.N. Abdalla, Prediction of small hydropower plant power production in Himreen Lake dam (HLD) using artificial neural network. Alexandria Engineering Journal.

A.T. Hammid. and M.H.B. Sulaiman, Series division method based on PSO and FA to optimize Long-Term Hydro Generation Scheduling. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments.

A.T. Hammid, et al., Load Frequency Control for Hydropower Plants using PID Controller. J. Telecommun, Electron and Comput Eng.

A.T.  Hammid,  M.H.  Sulaiman,  and  T.A.  Abdulrazzaq,  Control of Hydropower Plant Modeling using Fuzzy Neural Network based on Tuning Membership Function. Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems.

A.T.   Hammid,   M.H.   Sulaiman,   and   Y.K.   Hameed,   Control on Hydropower Plant Modeling using Fuzzy Neural Network based on Normalized Firefly Algorithm. Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems.

A.T.   Hammid,   M.H.   Sulaiman,   and   A.A.   Jasim,   Modeling of Hydropower Plant Production using Artificial Neural Network. Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems.

A.T.   Hammid,   M.H.   Sulaiman,   and   H.J.   Kareem,   Control on Hydropower  Plant using  Fuzzy  Neural  Network based on  Right-Angle  Triangle Membership. Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, 2018.

A.T. Hammid, et al., Priority of Kaplan Turbine and Small Hydropower Plants over Other Resources: An Overview. J. Eng. App Sciences, 2017. 12(9SI).

A.T. Hammid, M.H.B. Sulaiman, and A.A. Kadhim, Optimum Power Production of Small Hydropower Plant (SHP) using Firefly Algorithm (FA) in Himreen Lake Dam (HLD), Eastern Iraq. Research Journal of Appl. Sci., 2017.

A.T.  Hammid and  M.H. Sulaiman. Optimal  Long-Term  Hydro Generation Scheduling of Small Hydropower Plant (SHP) using Metaheuristic Algorithm in Himreen Lake Dam. in MATEC Web of Conferences. 2017. EDP Sciences.

A.T.  Hammid,  O.A. Imran,  and  Y.K. Hameed.  Executing  Work Principle Star/Delta Starter in Motor Systems using Allen-Bradley PLC. J. Eng. App Sciences, 2018.

A.T. Hammid, Applications of Tuning Control Actions for the Efficient Load/Frequency Control in Steam Turbine. International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology.

KJ Jadaa, LM Kamarudin, A.T. Hammid, OA Mohamad, M Hakawati, Object  Detection and  Localization  Using  Wireless  Sensor  Networks  Based on Probabilistic Model. Jour of Adv Research in Dynamic & Control Sys, 2018.

A.T. Hammid, Direct on Line Starter Motor and Reverse System in Allen-Bradley PLC. Diyala Journal For Pure Science, 2016.

A.T. Hammid, A. Bhardwaj, and S. Prakash, Design Remote Power Control I/O Data Acquisition System Control on Home Automation. IJECCE, 2013.



Ph.D. of Engineering, University Malaysia Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia

Master of Engineering, Sam Higginbottom University, Allahabad, India

Bachelor of Engineering, Found. of Technical Education, Kirkuk-Iraq


Modeling and Control Strategies of Hybrid Renewable Energy System (RESs),

•   Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems using Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches,

•   Modeling and Optimization Approaches via Swarm Techniques,

•   Hardware design and fabrication of Fuzzy Inference System,

•    Soft Computing, Evolutional Evolutionary Computation, Clustering Techniques,

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